Digital Imaging - Midterm Assignment - 2023         20%

Watch Video Instructions

Download assets (right click to download)


1. 0% Open the file "Vader.jpg". Rename the file your lastname_firstname.psd (ouelllette_dan.psd)

2. 0% Unlock the layer and call it "vader".

3. 4% Using the PEN TOOL draw a path around Darth Vader and save path as "vader" in the PATH tab.

4. 3% Create a Selection from this path and use the selection to create a layer mask for "vader" leaving only Vader visible on that layer.

5. 2% Colorize Vader's suit purple as it is in the sample image. Legs, arms and chest.

6. 1% Add a Drop Shadow to "vader" layer.

7. 2% Create a bottom layer and add a simple radial gradient from a light yellow in the center ramping to a darker orange. Name layer "radial gradient".

8. 1% Create a layer for the Sun. Name layer "Sun".
    Create a circle selection then add a simple radial gradient from a light yellow in the center ramping to a darker yellow and include an outer glow FX.

9. Copying content from another file and pasting into a new layer.

          a. In the file clipMask.jpg "Select All " then Copy the artwork from the file.
    1% b. "In the Vader file Go to Menu: Edit: Paste Special - Paste in Place to paste the clipMask into a new layer.
          c. Then above that do the same from the Desert.jpg file. Select All and Copy.
    1% d. In the Vader file"paste in place" the art from the file "desert.jpg".
    1% e. As indicated in the screen shot. Use "clipMask" to create a "CLIPPING MASK" of the desert.

11. 3% Draw a line along the cape and apply text on a line as indicated. "The Force is Strong with This One!"

12. 1% Using "AREA TEXT" put your name in the bottom left corner stacked as indicated. Set to Arial, Bold, White, Aligned Left.


Hand in PSD file to CANVAS before leaving class.

It should look a lot like this including the layer structure.

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